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janvier 07 2020

Screenings are over - Summary

Awards :

Ushuaïa TV Award- Rendez-vous de l'Aventure - Lons-le-Saunier - France
Best documentary Award - Terres Travel International - Tortosa - Spain
Jury Choice Award for best Movie - Les clés de l'Aventure - Fontanil - France
Phoenix d'Or Award for Best Movie  - Festival Explorimages - Nice - France
Seven Summits Award - Mammoth Mountain Film Festival - Mammoth - USA
Public Choice Award  - Maurice l'Aventure - Bruxelles - Belgium
Best Feature Documentary Award - Travel Film Fest - Lymassol - Cyprus
Outstanding Excellence Award - Docs without Border - Int
Environmental Gold Award - Global independant Film awards - Int
Documentary Bronze Award  - Global independant Film awards - Int

Screenings :

FIFAD - Les Diablerets - Switzerland
Festival des Rencontre de l'Aventure - Bulle - Switzerland
Regards de Voyages - Aubonne - Switzerland
Outdoor Film Festival - Yverdon - Switzerland
Discovery Days - Laax - Switzerland
Tour du Sauvage - Romont - Switzerland
Musée d'histoire naturelle - Neuchâtel - Suisse
Musée d'histoire naturelle - Genève - Suisse
Rendez-vous de l'Aventure - Lons-le-Saunier - France
Festival Explorimages - Nice - France
Les clés de l'Aventure - Fontanil - France
Ecrans de l'Aventure - Dijon - France
Escales Voyageuses - Avignon - France
What a Trip Festival - Montpelier - France
Rêves d'Aventure - Strasbourg - France
Partir Autrement - Paris - France
Festival de l'Image - St Valery en Caux - France
Festival de l'aventure individuelle - Mauzée sur le Mignon - France
Festival de l'aventure - Les Angles - France
Terres Travel International - Tortosa - Spain
Moutain - Nature - Adventure Film Festival - Infiesto - Spain
Maurice l'Aventure - Bruxelles - Belgium
Berlin Travel Festival - Berlin - Germany
Travel Film Fest - Lymassol - Cyprus
Zagreb Tourism Festival - Zagreb - Croatia
Travel Film International Film Festival - Moscow - Russia
Nordic Adventure Film Festival - Copenhagen - Denmark
Mammoth Mountain Film Festival - Mammoth - USA
Oneota Film Festival - Oneota - USA
Wasatch Mountain Film Festival - Wasatch - USA
Morocco Adventure Film Festival - Marrakech - Morocco
Docs without Border - Int
Global independant Film awards - Int







avril 09 2018

Voir le film / To see the movie

Voici les dates de projections à venir :

Lundi 29 novembre 2018 - 14h00 & 20h00 - Cinema l'Epicentre - Collonges-Bellerive (GE)
Samedi 8 décembre 2018 - TBA - Festival MAurice l'Aventure - Bruxelles - Bélgique
Vendredi, samedi, dimanche 8 au 10 mars 2019 - TBA - Berlin Travel Fest - Berlin - Germany

Si vous n'avez pas la possibilité de venir assister à une projection et que vous souhaitez rester informés au sujet de la sortie DVD/Blu-Ray ou VoD du film, vous pouvez sans autre nous envoyer un message via le formulaire de contact ou directement sur cedrik{at}lelixir.ch

Awards :

Prix Ushuaïa TV - Rendez-vous de l'aventure - Lons le Saunier - France - 2018
Best Feature Documentary - Travel Film Fest - Limassol - Cyprus - 2018

Festival :

Rencontres de l'Aventure - La Tour-de-Trême - Suisse - 2018
Rendez-vous de l'aventure - Lons le Saunier - France - 2018
Escales Voyageuses - Avignon - France - 2018
Regards de voyages - Aubonne - Suisse - 2018
Rêves d'Aventure - Strasbourg - France - 2018
Partir Autrement - Paris - France - 2018
FIFAD Festival Films Alpins Diablerets - Les Diablerets - Suisse - 2018
What a trip - Montpelier - France - 2018
Himountains festival - Yverdon - Suisse - 2018
Discovery DAys - Laax - Suisse - 2018
Ecrans de l'aventure - Dijon - France - 2018
Festival de l'Image - St Valery en Caux - France - 2018
Travel Film Fest - Limassol - Cyprus - 2018




novembre 28 2017

The movie is screening !

As stated in the title, the film has been released in theaters for a week and you are currently more than 1'000 to seen it on the big screen.

The comments and feedbacks are positive and confirm that all the work was not in vain. Thank you very much for your support. It goes straight to the heart.

The film has, among other things, been screened as part of the "festival des rencontres de l'aventure" in La Tour-de-Trême, Switzerland. We had the pleasure of sharing the stage with some fellow adventurers and answering your questions face to face. A splendid moment of sharing.

From now on, end of November, beginning of December 2017, the film begins a crucial stage; the quest for festivals!

We aim to register Objectif Sauvage in as many screenings as possible around the world and it is a vast operation of radiation that awaits us. Stay connected, mainly on social networks, to discover the next session near you. :)

The adventure goes on.

The Objectif Sauvage team


juillet 17 2017

Finally some UPDATES!!!

Hello all,

It'sbeen six month now since our last official newsletter and we sincerely apologize about this. Time flies VERY fast when you're keeping as busy as we are...

That being said, we are keen to give you today some exciting news. Indeed, the reason we haven't talked to you much lately, is because we have placed most of our energy in the editing of the movie. The process was long and intense, but we are very pleased to announce that we are reaching the goal!

After twenty months of labor to juggling around with the seventy hours of footage, the first version of Objectif Sauvage is finally completed !!! We are delighted with the result and look forward to sharing it with you all. But before we can do this, we still have some adjustments/work to do:

- Corrections and tweaking (on the editing side) following remarks by some industry professionals who will see the first cut of the movie
- Sound mixing, color grading, subtitling, intro outro animations, etc.
- Assembly of a final version and finalization of all this, so we can share the movie in the highest quality and way possible

We therefore believe that an official release should be announced shortly and that the preview date should be around October of this year. So ... get ready :)

Finally, a few words to tell you about the conference we held on May 9th at the EPFL in Lausanne. This conference dealt mainly with the backstage of the expedition and, since it was being organized by the photo club of the EPFL School, we unfortunately did not have the leisure to invite all of you there. The sixty seats were mostly allocated to the members of the club, so it was not possible to offer them via the platform wemakeit.ch and our newsletters. We're sorry about that and promise you that new conferences will be set up shortly and that you will be able to benefit from it, as high on the priority list. It's a promise!

Thank you again for your support. The adventure goes on. Stay tuned, the movie is coming :)


décembre 25 2016

Christmas Special - editing the Movie

Christmas Special here

Dear all,

Santa is coming (and so is Christmas)... For this reason, we'd like to share with you a small videoclip that will give you a better idea of the video-editing stage, which is where we are currently dedicating all our time and efforts.

There is still lots of work that is needed to be completed, until we can show you the end-product, containing the result of all our work (which begun almost four years ago).

So, moving our hands through the thick foliage (representing the workload), we're finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel : The movie, in which we've put so much time & effort, and for which you have chosen to associate your name (through your generous contributions), is slowly-but-surely coming to life. Indeed, this is a very pleasing thing :)

Finally, the team behind Objectif Sauvage would like to wish you a wonderful holiday season. We're looking forward to meeting you in 2017, to continue together this wonderful & thrilling adventure.

Thank you all.

Cédrik, Martin & Josh

Ps. We're happy to announce that the A3 prints (that some contributors are eagerly awaiting) have left the post office on Christmas Eve. We hope you'll enjoy them.



juin 27 2016

The Photo Catalog > Rewards for some of our backers

Hello everyone,

As you may recall, it was during the summer of 2014 that we launched and celebrated our very successful crowdfunding campaign. Thanks to your generous contributions, we were able to make our dream come true and begin an immersive documentary in the Amazon. We’re truly speechless and find it hard to find the "good-enough" words to express all of our gratitude.

Today, time has come to pay back this recognition in a more palpable way. So without further ado and for the people who are concerned by this: you will soon receive an eMail (we’ll use the address you provided to us via wemakeit.ch) where you’ll find the catalog of the various photos taken during the two expeditions of May and August 2015. From this catalog, we kindly ask you to communicate to us your choices of which FinePrints you want receive as part of your rewards.

So keep an eye on your mailbox and please, send us your selection of the photos you want to receive, by sending an eMail back, before July the 15th 2016, in order for us to synchronize all the printing tasks.

If you have further questions or remarks regarding the printings, or if you noticed an error in receiving the mentioned eMail, feel free to contact us at any given time using the following address:cedrik(at)lelixir.ch . We will be happy to help you out.

A great week to everyone and see you soon.

mai 17 2016

Fresh news…

Dear all: we’d like to tell you a nice big “hello”,

Time flies and it’s already been a few months asince you’ve heard of us… That being said, you have to believe us when we’re telling you that we’ve been keeping really busy with the project.

The last weeks were devoted to sorting the footage that we brought back from our two subsequent trips in May and August 2015. As we had mentioned in our last update, we were working on the “long & daunting” task of sorting : viewing all of the 70 hours of "raw footage" (rushs) captured during our month and a half in Bolivia. We have taken these 70 hours down to a little more than 13 hours of “usuable” material. It is within these 780 minutes that we will find & keep the 90min that will make the final cut of the movie. That’s what one could call doing some radical trimming !

Speaking about the editing, we are pleased to announce that this process has now truly begun and that we are currently hard at work on it all. It is truly fascinating to see the documentary slowly coming to life, right before our eyes. It is now been over three years since our adventure began and it was with quite some excitement that we’re discovering some of the Objective Sauvage sequences. One of the cool things about modern technology, is that we’ve figured out a very practical workflow that let’s us work on the editing wherever we are : with the simple use of a laptop and a couple hard drives. This means that even if you see or hear about some of us travelling and moving around, please rest reassured that this is no way slowing down the creative-editing process. We’re looking very forward to sharing the fruit of all this work with you, and as we’re moving forward in this process, we’re also realizing that this other adventure also just started… 

Indeed, when the film will be completed and polished, it will be time for us to reach out to the people who have supported us for many months and to share with them this passion that’s been driving us since the beginning. And even if we survived hunger, thirst, moisture and heat or simply put "the hell of the jungle”… well… we are nevertheless still intimidated about to idea of submitting our film to the public ...

But before we hit that famous D-Day, it seems as though we still have a lot of work to do. Therefore we’re going back at it right now, right after wishing you a great weekend and addressing you once again our heartfelt thanks.

To finish and to help you to wait a few weeks, we’re going to share with you a little slice of exclusive content. So please consider liking and visiting our Facebook page. Beyond the many photos of the expedition, we are working on the development of a small app that will allow you to browse photos 360 ° in order to get even closer to the team, during certain phases of our expedition.

See you soon.


janvier 01 2016

According to our estimate and the schedule that we set for ourselves, our wish is to finish the film for the second part of the year 2016. Be sure that you’ll be informed of the progress of the project regularly, either via our website or by our small posts on our Facebook page.

Meanwhile, in order to «help» you wait for a few more months, we’ve put together a little teaser from our trip in the Noel Kempff Mercado Park. Go ahead and check it now some of the first «video frames» of the adventure and get a feel of the many challenges we endured in this environment, which was, to say the least ... hostile.

Trailer Number 3 "people have no idea"


novembre 12 2015

Short teaser from above

When going through close to 70 hours of footage, we quickly realise what will not appear in the movie. Still, that's not a good reason for us to throw it away. So, here's a little teaser to keep you awake.

Look at the video


octobre 07 2015

Back from an amazing journey !

Hello everyone,

Back from Bolivia for just over three weeks now, the time has come to summarise a little the expedition we just lived for nearly a month, in the Amazon jungle of the National Park Noel Kempff Mercado.

First and foremost, we want to reassure you; despite a few kilograms left in the forest and a little souvenir we brought back (a parasitic disease called Giardia, more commonly known as «beaver fever,» which infest the gastrointestinal tract) the whole team is doing well.

We’re now entering the third phase (called post-production) of the documentary and really look forward to start sorting around 70 hours of footage that we shot, sometimes, in extreme conditions. We look forward to being able to share our adventure and try not to make you languish beyond reason. That said, and given the complexity of the task before us, we prefer to wait a little bit before announcing the official release date... Simply stay reassured that we will make sure to supply you with enough content to make you wait during the next months to come. So please make sure you keep checking out our dedicated pages frequently, to miss none of the juicy news we share regularly.

To talk a little more in detail about the expedition, we wish to inform you that one of the major objectives of our project has been achieved. Indeed, thanks to your support and that of our technical partners, we have succeeded in capturing many images of a huge park which is mostly unexplored... and have probably cracked a secret or two. We have also documented all of our progress and it is through our discoveries, our joys, our sorrows and even our disappointments that you will discover this fascinating world.

All in all, and if we look back a few months, being able to say all of this is already an achievement that fills us with pride and makes us feel complete, for most parts, as passionate filmmakers.

This being said, we’d like to talk to you in detail about something which, till this day, still feels like unfinished business.

Indeed, our ambitions were particularly high. Especially regarding the creative aspect of our film. But when you’ve been working hard for more than two years to make your dreams happen, it seems appropriate to aim for relatively high standards. Thus, we were particularly demanding about the quality of the images we wanted to bring back from our trip. This required efficiently managed logistics: to free us from certain tasks and allow us to place the most of our energy into our work. Well needless to say that we soon realised that the reality would be very different from what was planned...

Indeed, the filming of this documentary required the help of a local partner. He’d be in charge of logistics planning, transportation, food, among other basic tasks required for the survival of a film crew in a wild environment. Our scouting in this area had led us to trust & mandate Amboro Tours, the largest tour operator in Santa Cruz and ,from what we’ve heard, the only agency capable to take us in the park that fascinates us so much.

In order to seal the contract, to meet with officials and to test our shooting schedule, we planned a trip in May we have called «repérage» or «scouting».

During this trip, the conditions regarding the preparation and logistical support on site were appropriate. This reinforced our belief that Amboro Tours was the best alternative for the Noel Kempff Mercado expedition. But it is important to notice that one should make a difference between a «tourist» tout which is repeatedly tested and proven (and whose formula is always the same for years) versus a tailored (or custom-built) expedition, in difficult conditions, with all the complicated demands that this requires.

We’d barely gotten in the park, and already it became very clear that, unfortunately, Amboro Tours was not the ideal choice for our expedition. Even worse: it is safe to say that their negligence and bad decisions put the film, with all the amount of work done in over two years, in great peril.

Without going into too much detail, for example, we were forced to hire ourselves more carriers to help us move our filming equipment in addition to our camping equipment. While it had been specified beforehand that we needed enough manpower, we found ourselves at the beginning of the adventure, with the only support of a guide and a trail-opener, two people in total, when it should have been a minimum of six carriers in order to consider our successful journey. Needless to say, the people that we hired at the last minute were not qualified and despite all their good will and kindness, we had to push them to regularly carry-on (when we where not convincing them not to abandon us during the middle of the trip). For this reason, we spent a considerable amount of time leading the way with our machetes, carrying our food and even... cooking (among other things!). While we busy on those tasks, we could not shoot footage for the movie, nor could we think and work on the creative directions that we wanted to develop.

This poor logistical planning resulted in a multitude of points that we had to adjust progressively, without means, without alternatives and this has transformed our «contemplative/documentary project» into a real survival experience, during which we constantly struggled to not ... give up!

We also need to mention that lots of our video-gear had to remain at base camp during the entire trip, because we didn’t have enough man-power to carry it. A serious loss in terms of creative options when you (finally) arrive in the heart of the jungle.

Of course, we had to set our ambitions to a little lower squale, mainly in exploring many different environments, due to a lack of time.

It is truly regrettable to note that this could have been a success, both in the shooting of the documentary and logistics Bolivian-Swiss cooperation. But at the end we found it to be a half-failure by the sole fault of unscrupulous people. Or when greed takes over even the safety of the group...

The saddest part is probably the denial and non-compliance from the agency (once we got back to civilisation), preventing us from any sort of discussion regarding a possible arrangement, or maybe even to consider some form of compensation for what happened. We didn’t get even the slightest apology, on the contrary, it was we who were incriminated by the agency, for «daring to complain» about their calamitous services. Such dishonesty is truly horrifying and a true shame the entire profession.

We therefore wish to apologize in advance for not having managed to put your generous contributions to profit in better conditions and feel sorry about not bringing you a film that fully meets our original creative ambitions. Also, we absolutely want to caution you about the very dishonest methods of the Amboro Tours agency in Santa Cruz and recommend you to avoid their services for your own safety. It was agreed with the team that we will withdraw their name of all our communications, the film and any derivatives. Such people do not deserve any publicity. At most, our indifference.

In conclusion, we’d like to reassure you after all. This adventure has been truly amazing and each of us has lived a truly unique expedition. We found ourselves alone, facing the immensity of nature and this is something we could never have lived without your support and many many encouragements. Thank you so much to everyone.

All-in-all, we are convinced that we still capture some great images, strong emotions and a unique human adventure. All this material that will allow us to make a documentary that will take you on a crazy ride, and who knows, perhaps even have you dreaming a little...

We warmly invite you to continue to follow us through our different pages, whether on wemakeit.ch, faceboook or our website to continue to discover the adventure «Objectif Sauvage».


septembre 16 2015

Safe and sound!

After an incredible adventure of almost one month in the deep jungle, we're happy to say we've all returned to our homes safe and sound.

There's so much to tell, but before all of that, we need to "settle down" a little... Stay connected to learn a little more about it, soon enough !


aout 14 2015

VIP Partners!

If it is impossible to foresee everything and anticipate everything, we believe we've put all the chances on our side in the past weeks to bring you back the most polished film possible. We are now feeling pretty confident and are almost ready to take off for Bolivia. It's a struggle to hold-in our impatience and we can't wait to throw ourselves toward this incredible universe that awaits us, out there, somewhere, in the middle of the vast Amazon.

Before leaving, we wanted to share with you again three very good news, as well as a small teaser from our filming in May (when the team traveled to the Amazon to adjust some details and test our gear). Hoping that these images will make you smile and have you wanting to see more of the movie which we're hoping to finish in the course of 2016.

It is with great pride and joy that we're able to now announce that we have the support from the Caisse d’Epargne Riviera, the bicentenary bank which is known by many in our beautifull region. We're happy to say that Caisse d’Epargne Riviera becomes the main partner of the expedition "Objectif Sauvage".
The Caisse d'Epargne Riviera, known as a "proximity" Bank, has chosen us as ambassadors, and we will do our best to have it with us in our travels and to have it shine in all kinds of areas and beyond our borders.
This support is part of the current policy of this establishment, which has chosen to given a chance to projects from various backgrounds, but based locally. Indeed they've put up "omapatrie.ch", and in collaboration with "wemakeit.ch" this creates the opportunity to submit a project in order to promote and enhance the local cultural heritage.
We live in a time during which it seems difficult for the "smaller" ideas to bloom and become as big as they were once dreamt. For this reason, the Caisse d'Epargne Riviera (under the leadership of its Director, Mr Alexandre Gauthier-Jaques) now makes this possible. We'd like to thank them loud and proud, because it is thanks to their generous contribution that we've been able to consider our "scouting" project in May. Without their help, it would have been difficult to make a worthy documentary.
It's nice to see that all our efforts are not in vain and that there are still some individuals capable of giving their best to help you complete your projects successfully. All you contributors have done the exact same of us and this is why we'd like to express once again, our deepest gratitude..

And as good news never comes alone, we also have the honor to announce now to have two additional logistics partners. Indeed, we're extremelly proud to announce that Canon and DJI have chosen to support "Objectif Sauvage" and have already started to help us make an even better documentary.
All three of us have been users of Canon products for of longtime and we've started to work recently the the DJI products. For this reason, it felt natural to try and convince them that it is with their products that we wanted to make our film. We were very very happy when we got the positive responses from our requests for partnerships. Needless to say that this confirms our belief that the efforts we're putting in are really paying-off ! We're going in the right direction here.
We are honoured to have the support of two of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world and it will be using their equipment that we will soon go, across the ocean, to shoot our dream-documentary. It is also thanks to Canon that some of you will receive your prints (photos etc.), as part of your contributions on our wemakeit campaign. Indeed, when they heard about those printed photographs that we were planning to give away, Canon immediatly offered to print them themselves to ensure the highest quality possible. This is what we call a VIP partner.

So thanks to Canon and DJI, for their precious trust and support!

As for us, we're looking forward to sharing the first impressions of our trip, as well as the first visuals of the movie... Around mid-September !

In the meantime, you can follow us via social networks (mainly facebook). We will try, directly from the Amazon, to post updates online using our satellite phone and/or via the help of a collaborator in Switzerland. This sounds FUN !

Wishing you all a very beautiful end of summer

- The Objectif Sauvage Team


aout 11 2015

Facts and figures

Some facts and figures for those of you who wish to know some more about it all.


aout 10 2015


To have a proper overview about the journey


aout 09 2015

Get to know the team!

Discover some more about each cast member through these presentation videos.






juin 10 2015


Hello everybody!

As you may already know, we just got back from our first trip to the Bolivian Amazon! As one could imagine: it was incredible! And we are really looking forward to going back very soon... but this time, to accomplish our big adventure, the one we’ve been working so hard for, during a little over two years.

We would also like to invite you to follow us a little closer and even the behind the scenes of our project. For this, simply check out our Facebook page, where you will find a few shots and a short video we’ve done with only a smartphone (just to give you a little pre-teaser). This is just an appetizer before releasing (shortly we hope) the «real-deal», this time centered around some amazing and high quality shots that we captured last May.

Since we got back, we’ve been very busy preparing our BIG expedition and we still have a number of things to do!

One of the first things on our list was and important one. Some of your might remember that we promised a special reward during the launch of our crowdfunding campaign. As you might be aware, an adventure on the other side of the world that has us carrying over two hundred kg of equipment leaves a certain footprint on our environment (ie. travelling via airplane). We are aware that this environmental trace was in opposition with one of the expedition’s mission: to create awareness on the protection of the environment. So, we decided to make of move in the right direction to compensate, in order to respect a certain ethic in our approach. One of the rewards was to offer a percentage of the collected budget to an association that thinks alike and wishes to preserve the Amazon Rainforest. The decision to entrust this to an association such as the WWF was quickly profiled as being the perfect one. Indeed, what better than a Swiss-Born association for a project such as this one?

Thanks to this we can today, with great satisfaction, announce that we have met last monday (June 8th 2015) Mr. Thomas Vellacott, CEO of WWF Switzerland, who welcomed us in the WWF premises and with whom we were able to share a long and interesting talk. Our dialogue with him was mostly about our project «Objectif Sauvage», but also on the specific involvement of his organization regarding the preservation of the different eco-systems and the Amazon Rainforest. We came out of that interview convinced that WWF was the best choice and that our contribution will be used in the best possible way. We therefore are very pleased to announce that the total amount of CHF 750 was successfully transfered to WWF Switzerland for the preservation of the Amazon Rainforests and all this is obviously THANKS TO YOU!

We would like to thank each contributor, each of our partners and sponsors for trusting us and allowing us to collect this amount. Be reassured that it will be, undoubtedly, used in the best possible ways by the WWF team.

We would also like to thank Mr. Vellacott, and his entire team for giving us this opportunity. For their kindness and for making this interview possible. Sir, your enthusiasm for our project has really touched us and filled us with a lot of satisfaction. From our hearts we’d like to say: THANK YOU.

We also would like to invite you to visit the website of the WWF Switzerland here www.wwf.ch. And last but not least, here is a little quote to think about: «Small streams make big rivers»

We wish everyone a great week! See you soon for more adventures and surprises! Stay in touch and get ready for a journey into the heart of the Amazon Rainforest.

Thank you to all.


mai 13 2015

Leaving for a first encounter with the logistic crew in Bolivia !

Hello everyone,

Here we are, at the dawn of the greatest adventure of our lives!

As some of you know, we leave this Thursday for a first trip of ten days in the Amazon. But before telling you more about this and about the various issues that have retained our attention in recent months, we must give you a few words about the way we communicated in the past. Indeed, our last contact with you was done via a newsletter sent from our website www.objectifsauvage.com directly to your eMail address (the one you left via the "wemakeit" registration form). Apparently, a number of you never received this first newsletter ... We're truly sorry about this, believe us, and we're trying to solve this problem as we speak. For the time being, we've decided to take a little step back and continue to communicate through the "wemakeit" platform until we find a more reliable solution... In the meantime, and for those who have not seen our eMail in December, here is a link that you can visit: http://file.lelixir.ch/newsletter_noel_2014_eng.pdf

Well, now that we got this out of the way, let us return to what is happening to the Objectif Sauvage team !

The last months were intense and time was mainly devoted to the development of logistics in Switzerland and Bolivia. We work closely with our local partners to plan the best expedition possible. The process is long and tedious, to say the least. Planning a project of this scale via eMail is relatively complicated. But, we are very happy to go and meet the logistic team to Santa Cruz de la Sierra this weekend ! This will help to simplify some of the steps...

We also spent a lot of time organizing the equipment and equipping us for shooting some brilliant footage. We are happy to share with you some pictures (below) of our last equipment *check-up*, which happened last weekend in a studio in the city of Geneva. As you can see, the amount of gear is suprisingly large. We were glad to see that all the pieces of equipment came to fit in different boxes we had provided. In total, more than 200 kilos of equipment are now packed and ready to fly with us to Latin America. Our rigorous and effective work paid off when we realised that all our stuff was dispatched inch-by-inch in the different cases/bags we had. This was truely a relief for the whole team, because this aspect was relatively difficult to anticipate properly. We still have enough room though to take with us your encouragement and support, which still deeply moves' us !

The is one of our last reports before getting in the deep end of the pool, because the next time we write you, we will have had a much clearer preview of what lies ahead. Most importantly, it will mean the first scenes of the film will have been captured. The adventure for which we've been preparing ourselves for more than two years will have officially STARTED!

On the positive side, we want to share with you that Martin recently returned from Africa and has put together a little montage of his journey. You can enjoy this little clip at the following address: https://vimeo.com/125983406

A fantastic travel and a brilliant little video that will, hopefully, give you the patience to wait a little more before discovering the first images of the expedition Objectif Sauvage.

Another good news is the winning of Cedrik in a photographic contest " au photographe voyage " ( translated : "the traveler photographer"). He won in the landscape category with his picture of Alatna River in Alaska ! You can find here: http://www.photographe-voyageur.com/les_vainqueurs_2015

We believe this is a happy news for those of you who pitched in for the "wemakeit" prize and will receive printed photo's of our expedition.

To conclude and before we say goodbye, we'd like to add that we hope to return from the Amazon with more good news... Indeed, we are awaiting confirmation of certain points that would allow us to get the movie Objectif Sauvage to a new level. We won't spoil the surprise quite yet, but it would be nice if you could cross your fingers for us, once again. ;)

That's all folks ! We're now turning our head towards the Amazon, while feeling our impatience growing and ever-lasting enthusiasm climbing. We wish all a great day, a great week and promise we'll keep in touch very soon.

Thank you to all

- the Objectif Sauvage team


septembre 26 2014


Hello everyone,

It has been a few weeks since the crowdfunding campaign via wemakeit.ch is over and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all again for your incredible support.

We’ve been far over our main goal and that allows us to re-think the whole project and see things in a slightly more ambitious way. Thus, we decided to extend our trip for a few days. And all of this is largely thanks to you! 

In this regard, the first major news is the re-arrangement of our schedule. Indeed, the decision was made to re-schedule the filming in summer of 2015 ... We know that this may seem frustrating at first, as the whole schedule is extended, but to tell you the truth, it’s literally a true opportunity, when you think about the project itself. The main reason is the weather, as the initial dates were right into the rainy season. We thought we could handle such a challenge but we finally came to a point where it was just a wiser option to capitalize on better and dryer conditions to make this documentary happen. In addition, the extension of our journey within the Amazonian Rainforest necessarily means some more preparation. While we were before on the haste and precipitation, now we can definitely enjoy a little more time in the planning of all tasks inherent in the pursuit of such a project. Planning things in a proper way remains our number one mission, after all. All of this combined with our respective schedules, to delay the shooting until the next summer was just obvious.  

That being said, we would like to apologize to all of you for being late on our previous estimates. We can solely assure you that this is only for the film’s best interest. Thank you for your trust and understanding and we really look forward to work some more on the most elaborate project you would expect from us. 

Last but not least, we took advantage of this new schedule in order to do some more tests. And thus, to make you wait a little, we invite you to discover the little film shot on the northern island of Hokkaido in Japan, called "Peninsular" which traces two weeks of footage with a new equipment that we will use for « Objectif Sauvage ». While you wait for more surprises, we hope you enjoy this one and we wish you all a very nice end of summer.

A very big thanks to all of you and see you soon for new adventures.

The « Obectif Sauvage » Team

aout 26 2014

A big shoutout!!!

Hello everyone,

as you may have noticed last Friday, and thanks to your incredible efforts and all your wonderful support we have exceeded our expectations in terms of collective financing via wemakeit.ch.

We lack the words to express our gratitude. Honestly, you were absolutely incredible from the beginning to the end of the campaign and the overall excitement around our project really blew us away.

We will gather all of this energy to redouble efforts and return to Amazon with the most successful film possible. Today we no longer speak of Objective Wild conditional, but at the present form, and this, in large part because of you.

We now enter a phase called "pre-production" and will certainly keep you informed of the progress of the film. A large period of work awaits us, so we put immediately to the drawing board.

But of course, not without thanking you yet again for your support many brands against our project. This greatly affected us all to observe that you believe in this documentary as we are.

A great week everyone.

The team of wild goal!



The journey of three young directors seeking to discover and record the wildlife of the Noel Kempff Mercado National Park, one of the most secluded and untouched places in the Amazon rainforest. It is an exhilarating environment for an exceptional and enriching human experience.

"Who has never dreamt of exploring a wild and unknown universe?"

At the beginning of the 20th century, a new approach and attitude starts to take shape through the novels of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his "Lost World" or the tales of David Livingstone's adventure, amongst others. Simple backpacking becomes increasingly commonplace as scientists move from one expedition and discovery to another, and beyond.

More than a century later, the legacy of these pioneers continues igniting passions and adventurous desires within people around the world.

It is precisely off that passion, off that quest for unadulterated wilderness and new discoveries that Joshua Preiswerk, Cédrik Strahm and Martin Ureta, three young Swiss directors who are as creative as they are adventurous, feed themselves.

The aim of the expedition "Objectif Sauvage" is to offer viewers a different perspective on the various steps of such a large endeavor, set in one of the most inaccessible and untamed places on Earth.

Within the glorious national park "Noel Kempff Mercado", located in the Bolivian Amazon, the crew aims to share the emotions, discoveries and inherent challenges that are an integral part of successfully completing such an adventure.

It is through their own experiences behind cameras that they wish to discover and share, through a compelling cinematographic piece, one of the least explored places in the world by record with sound and image the diversity of species living within the various ecosystems of the park.

The making of this documentary will be conducted in a small team and it is in complete self-reliance that they will bring to fruition a sizeable, Swiss-made audiovisual piece of the upmost professional quality, thanks to the use of cutting-edge cinematographic material and techniques.

The "Objectif Sauvage" crew

Joshua Preiswerk,
Cédrik Strahm,
Martin Ureta


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